About Me

My Background


I am an IT guy with a passion for abstract art.  I have always been a creative person my notebooks were filled with doodles of shapes with no real purpose other than to satisfy my eye and perspective.  I grew up never really taking any time to pursue art in any way.  I got busy with raising a family and building a career.  One day I pulled out a welder I got in a car deal I made earlier in the year and tried to make something for my wife.  Things just grew from there.  I sold my car restorations projects and started  creating metal sculptures.  

My Medium


I use scrap steel as my medium.  I am a regular at the recycling center and a big fan of bulk trash days in the neighborhood.  I have been know to frequent Goodwill as well to pick up all of those household items that I can deconstruct and weld back together in a way that makes sense to me.

My Inspiration


I enjoy my time in the city and I am inspired by graffiti artists, industrial buildings and just flowing shapes I see in daily life.  My eye tells me what is right and wrong, always striving to give my pieces a sense of movement even as static objects.  I do not restrict myself.  I never start with drawing only a vague thought of size.  I let the metal tell me what it wants to be.  I know it sounds odd but I can see it as I build.

I hope you enjoy!